Meet the team

We are an independent practice with highly experienced staff.  Our team are chosen for their ability to empathise with your concerns, while offering a professional and friendly approach.

We focus on aftercare and strive to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.


Paul Checkley Harley Street HearingMr Paul Checkley MSc Audiology, MSHAA, RHAD.  Paul is our Clinical Director and has over 15 years experience as a Clinical Scientist in the NHS, specialising in hearing instrument technology and audiological rehabilitation. Alongside his UK experience, Paul has spent 10 years working for a world leading Swiss hearing technology manufacturer. Here he was involved in research and development and product application. He is also a registered clinical ear care practitioner.

DSC_2362Ms Geraldine Daly RGN, RHAD, MSHAA.  
Geraldine is a hearing aid audiologist and registered general nurse, with over 20 years experience in the private sector. As well as fitting and fine tuning hearing aids, Geraldine provides advice on hearing protection to a host of well-known names in the music industry. She has also been dubbed “audiologist to the stars” by the Sunday Times magazine.
DSC_2316Ms Katherine O’Neill CIPD.  Katherine is our Practice Manager for the Harley Street Hearing group. Katherine has 15 year’s experience in healthcare management in both the NHS and the private sector. It is usually Katherine’s friendly voice you will hear when you contact Harley Street Hearing and she ensures that everything runs smoothly.
Matthew Allsop Sept 2015Mr Matthew Allsop BSc (Hons) Audiology, RHAD, MSHAA. Our Operations Director Matthew has expert knowledge in the diagnosis and management of hearing loss in both children and adults. After a number of years in paediatric audiology Matthew went on to gain experience at the cutting-edge of hearing instrument technology, with an international hearing aid distributor.
DSC_2351Ms Jaspreet Bahra BSc (Hons) Audiology RHAD.   Jas is our most senior audiologist and registered hearing aid dispenser. She has a wealth of experience in both the NHS and the private sector. Her main area of interest is hearing instrument technology and she runs our Lyric invisible hearing programme. She is also experienced in audiological and vestibular diagnostics.
henrietta-roeMs Henrietta Roe, BSc (Hons) Audiology, RHAD.  Henrietta is a senior audiologist and hearing therapist who has worked in leading audiology units all over the UK.  Her areas of experience include audiological rehabilitation, hearing therapy and tinnitus management. She has a particular interest in audiology services for the music and entertainment industry after her time working for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the BBC.
Jonathan DoyleMr Jon Doyle, MSc BSc (Hons) Audiology.  Jon first studied for his bachelor’s degree in neuroscience at the University of Manchester. Combining his lifelong passion for music with a keen interest in sensory systems led him to undertake the master’s degree in audiological science at University College London, before joining us in 2014. Since then he has further cultivated his expertise with cutting edge technology in the field, and is aiming to complete a doctorate degree in audiology whilst engaging in full time clinical practice.
Ayesha BandaliMs Ayesha Bandali, BSc (Hons) Audiology, RHAD.  Ayesha has worked as a clinical audiologist within both the NHS and Private sector. She has a wealth of experience in all areas of hearing aid technology as well as being particularly well-versed in providing diagnostic audiological evaluations. She is passionate about helping people enjoy their lives through better hearing.
Jack Stancel-LewisMr Jack Stancel-Lewis, BSC (Hons) Audiology, RHAD.  Jack is a clinical Audiologist who specialises in vestibular diagnostics, hearing therapy and hearing aid technology.  His experience of diagnosing and treating patients with hearing and balance disorders comes from having trained and worked in some of the top NHS trusts, including Cambridge and Imperial College.  He presented research at the British Academy of Audiology’s Conference in 2013, and strives to provide the best form of evidence based care in an empathetic and thorough manner.

Ms Melissa Korn, BSC (Hons) Audiology, RHAD.  Melissa has worked in the NHS as a clinical audiologist, and also with numerous cutting edge hearing aid distributors.  She has gained a wide knowledge in all areas of hearing aid technology, along with the ability to provide diagnostic evaluations.  She has a real passion to improve people’s quality of life through bettering hearing and does so in a thorough, compassionate and caring manner.

Ms Gladys Akinseye, MSc Advanced Audiology, BSc (Hons) Audiology, RHAD.  Gladys is a clinical audiologist who specialises in hearing aid technology, and tinnitus and hyperacusis management. Her experience spans from working as a clinical audiologist in the NHS to working as a research audiologist at the University of Manchester. Through this, she gained a wealth of knowledge in all areas of audiological diagnostics and rehabilitation. This combined with her empathetic and compassionate manner allow her to provide the best possible care for each and every person that she sees.


 Mr Jordon Thompson MScS (Audiology), BSc (Hons).  Jordon has a bachelor’s degree in biology and his passion for science and linguistics led him to undertake a health science master’s degree in audiology in French.  Before joining us, he worked as an NHS Clinical Audiologist where he acquired experience in diagnostic audiological evaluations and rehabilitation.  Jordon is passionate about helping to improve people’s hearing and quality of life. He strives to achieve this by providing excellent and thorough care through a patient-centred focus.


Victoria Lee-NicholsMs Victoria Lee-Nichols.  Victoria is our Assistant Practice Manager and has over 12 years experience within the Private Medical Industry, with 6 of those spent in the cosmetics sector on Harley Street, as the Clinical Manager and Theatre Manager, and 4 years running a private chiropractic Centre in Surrey.  Victoria may well be your first contact when you call Harley Street Hearing.
 Mandy LewisMs Mandy Lewis.   Mandy is our Development Manager. After spending many years as Marketing Manager at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, and running her Sales & Marketing Consultancy business, Mandy now supports practice development for the Harley Street Hearing group; incorporating Harley Street Hearing, Musicians’ Hearing Services and North London Hearing; as well as our sister company in Greater Manchester-North West Hearing.


Harley Street HearingHarley Street Hearing are London’s leading independent hearing clinics and are the most successful Lyric Centre worldwide. Established for 25 years, all our staff are highly skilled audiological practitioners who are trained in healthcare provision.  As we are registered with the Health Professions Council, we can accept self-referrals, or referrals direct from your GP or from Ear, Nose and Throat specialists across the UK.  So whether you want advice on hearing loss or protection call 020 7486 1053 or click here to email us.