Hearing help for theatregoers

We understand how frustrating it can be when trying to appreciate a live performance. Because of this, we have developed our Theatre Hearing Guide – designed to help you get the most out of every show.  Simply search for any venue on our database below to find the facilities they have available for your hearing needs.  Most offer hearing aid induction loops.

Hearing Theatre Guide

Contact information, as well as details of any additional discounts available, can be found for each venue listed. Here are some helpful links to follow if you want to find out more about venue accessibility:


All information has been adapted from each venues’ website.

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Palace Theatre

The theatre is fitted with a Williams Sound hearing assistance system. Headsets are available on a first come first served basis; please arrive early to collect these. The box office is fitted with an induction loop to assist hearing aid users when booking.

0844 482 9676

Peacock Theatre (at Sadler’s Wells)

There is a loop system installed in the auditorium, which can be accessed by patrons switching their aids to the “T” setting.

0844 871 0091

Phoenix Theatre

Sennheiser Infra-red and Induction Loop sound amplification systems are in use throughout the auditorium. These can be collected from the foyer bar on Phoenix Street, and must be reserved in advance by calling the number below.

020 7438 9600

Piccadilly Theatre

The Piccadilly Theatre is equipped with a Sennheiser infra-red sound amplification system. To access the infra-red systems please request receiving equipment from the Cloakroom situated in the Foyer – a form of ID as deposit is required. There are two devices available: Induction Loop Necklace – Suitable for persons wearing a hearing aid, the induction loop necklace is worn around the neck. Whilst wearing the necklace switch your hearing aid to the ‘T’ setting and the sound is amplified. The necklace has an adjustable volume control. Headset – This device amplifies sound through earpieces similar to regular headphones. Suitable for persons without a hearing aid.

0844 871 7627

Playhouse Theatre

A Sennheiser amplification system amplifies sound through a provided headset. There is also a hearing induction loop installed for both on stage and audience use. The induction loop seems to work best in the front stalls area so that, when booking, the need to use this facility should be mentioned. You don’t need to pre book this – however it is best to book through our access line as they will be able to advise the best seating areas for patrons to enjoy the optimal use of these devices.

0844 871 7677

Prince Edward Theatre

Infra-red headsets are available from the access attendant for a £5 refundable deposit. There is no loop system in the main auditorium.

0844 482 5151

Prince of Wales Theatre

Hearing-Impaired infra-red system in the auditorium and induction loop at Box Office, limited number of headsets available. No loop available in the main auditorium. They also provide occasional sign language interpreted performances.

0844 482 5110

Purcell Room at the South Bank Centre

Listing of BSL interpreted, speech to text, and captioned performances is available to view online. It is advisable to book these events in advance: For all other performances, you can collect either a hearing aid or hearing loop from the Cloakroom on Level 1 up to one hour before the start of the performance. This facility is free of charge and there is no need to pre-book.

020 7960 4200