Hearing help for theatregoers

We understand how frustrating it can be when trying to appreciate a live performance. Because of this, we have developed our Theatre Hearing Guide – designed to help you get the most out of every show.  Simply search for any venue on our database below to find the facilities they have available for your hearing needs.  Most offer hearing aid induction loops.

Hearing Theatre Guide

Contact information, as well as details of any additional discounts available, can be found for each venue listed. Here are some helpful links to follow if you want to find out more about venue accessibility:


All information has been adapted from each venues’ website.

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Dominion Theatre

An infra-red hearing system is installed in the auditorium allowing the show to be accessible for the hearing impaired. The system operates on infra-red beams transmitted to a receiver which is on either a headset or a neck loop, which the patron wears. Both the headsets and neck loops are available. · The headsets are worn like a stethoscope, with ear pieces that sit comfortably inside the ear. · The neck loop goes over the head like a necklace and creates a loop with the patron’s hearing aid, which must be set to the “T” or “loop” setting. · The systems work best in the front centre section of the Dress Circle and the front centre of the Stalls. The signal can be picked up back to approximately Row T but the transmitter can be obstructed more easily in the Stalls due to its location above the proscenium arch. · Patrons who would like to make use of this facility should contact the House Manager upon arrival at the theatre. · For the next sign-interpreted* performance keep in touch with Theatre Sign via their website for information as it is released. *Please note that it is advisable to book for signed performances well in advance as tickets are subject to availability. The loops don’t need to be booked in advance but we only have a limited number of headsets so would be unable to accommodate a large party.

020 7927 0929

Donmar Warehouse, (Covent Garden)

The Donmar is a very small and intimate theatre which has an induction loop, for which patrons can turn their hearing aid to the T setting. There is also an infrared hearing system that amplifies sound through headsets – which can be collected from the Box Office. Please note that the back row does not offer the best sound quality through the headsets as the infrared signal is disrupted by the balcony.

0844 871 7624

Duchess Theatre

Sennheiser Infra-red Hearing System (headsets available on first come first served basis). Please call the number below in order to find out the best seating locations for making use of these headsets.

0844 482 9672

Duke of York’s Theatre

The Duke of York’s is equipped with a Sennheiser infra-red sound amplification system. To access the infra-red systems please request receiving equipment from the Box Office situated in the main foyer – a deposit of £10 is required. There are two devices available: Induction Loop Necklace Suitable for persons wearing a hearing aid, worn around the neck. Whilst wearing the necklace switch your hearing aid to the ‘T’ setting and the sound is amplified. The necklace has an adjustable volume control. The headset device amplifies sound through earpieces similar to regular headphones. Suitable for persons without a hearing aid. The Duke of York’s Theatre offers captioned performances in association with STAGETEXT. Captioning converts the spoken word into text that provides people with hearing loss access to live performance. In captioning, the words appear on a screen at the same time as they are sung or spoken. Captions also include sound effects and offstage noises. For more information visit Captioned performance dates are announced once scheduled with each show.

0844 871 7627